A Holistic Approach

Skin is a unique social organ. People’s first impression on us comes from the way they perceive our looks. The way our skin looks is affected by internal medical problems, emotional and psychological stresses, weather conditions and different chemical and mechanical offenders that we expose our skin to. Our skin is, therefore, continuously under wear and tear stress and needs to continuously be cared for to preserve its health and beauty. Beauty is a science and we assure you that we are up to date in the science of beauty.

When we are young, the superficial layer of the skin (the epidermis) renews itself actively at a good rate getting rid of the dead, old and unhealthy cells replacing them with young, healthy and active ones. The deeper layer (the dermis), continuously replaces the worn collagen (for volume and strength) and elastin (for elasticity and recoil). This is how and why young skin looks shiny and attractive. With maluse, disease or ageing changes occur and need intervention to correct defects and restore beautiful looks.

No single technique is enough by itself or satisfactory for all skin types, ages and conditions. Absolute Medispa hereby, offers you a professional integrated system to take care of your skin. We offer professional consultation, assessment and evaluation for what your skin needs. We suggest and discuss all the possible ways to help you look happier, healthier and younger. The chosen regimen will be tailored to your general condition, your skin demands, your lifestyle and budget.

Together in Absolute Medispa we will decide the care your skin needs utilising a wide variety of skin care products and advanced techniques, ranging from neuromodulators (BOTOX/ DYSPORT), dermal fillers injections, latest advances in cosmetic laser technology, silkpeel or chemical peeling. We will individually tailor and specially format different combinations of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to fulfill the needs of your skin, using the most recent technique of microneedling to stimulate innate collagen formation in a natural physiologic way to the simpler techniques of milia and black head removal, white and fair hair electrolysis, microdermabrasion, anti-aging, and facial massage.

The range of cosmetic skin problems that we can help you to overcome is wide; from unwanted hair removal to acne scars, different types of wrinkles and blemishes, milia and skin tags, strech marks and even to the unhealthy looks of otherwise healthy skin.

We offer our experience and care to help you look healthier, younger and more attractive with no need for surgery or massive intervention. We love your skin and we will show you how to love it and treat it the right way.

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